FlexiHub Product Page

FlexiChat: Send Messages to Any of Computers Logged In to Your Account.

Starting from version 3.2, FlexiHub offers a new advanced feature – FlexiChat. This option allows starting a chat between two computers logged in to the same FlexiHub account.

1. To start a chat, simply click the “Chat” icon to the right of the computer you wish to contact. Or right-click the gray line with the computer’s name and choose “Open chat” from the context menu. The chat window will appear.

2. Type your message and click the icon in the bottom-right corner. The message will be delivered to the other user.

  1. If you receive a message from the other user while your chat window is closed, you’ll see the red notification badge on the “Chat” icon.

Note:  All chat messages are transported via a secure SSL-channel. FlexiHub’s servers do not transmit any chat information or save any chat conversation history. The messages are stored only on users’ computers until logout or the system reboot.