FlexiHub Product Page

Once you’ve created a FlexiHub account, you can start connecting to remote devices:

  1. Download and install FlexiHub on both sides: the computer where your device is attached physically as well as the computer from which you want to access it remotely.

  2. Open FlexiHub on your local computer and log into your account, then do the same on the remote computer:

    Note:  Logging into your account in the FlexiHub application is not the same as logging into your account on the FlexiHub website. The web interface exists solely for your convenience in managing your account and is not a replacement of the desktop application.

  3. Find the required device in the list on the remote computer and press Connect: 
    Once the connection is established, the device will appear in your remote system exactly as if attached to it physically.

    Note:  By default, all USB devices plugged into each of your nodes (i.e. the computers currently logged into your FlexiHub account) will be available for connection to all other nodes. You can restrict access to certain devices by locking them.