USB Network Gate Product Page

How to connect from the client computer to a remote USB device

To connect from the client computer to a remote USB device, which is shared on the server computer, you should first find available shared devices and add them to the list. Follow these instructions:

1. Switch to Remote USB devices tab.


2. Shared USB devices are automatically detected by the client and are added to the list of available remote devices on the go.

If the remote server was not detected automatically (for example, when it is located in a different subnet), search for it manually. Click Add server button, enter hostname or IP of the remote server and click OK button.

You can also use Add device option in case you know the remote server IP and the TCP port on which a USB device is shared.

This option may be useful, for example, when a TCP port is forwarded within network to allow remote clients to connect to this specific port. Usually such ports are not detected automatically by the client side of USB Network Gate.

In order to create callback (reverse) connection – connection with a client initiated from the server side, it should be allowed from the client. Click Allow callback connection on port radio button.

To connect to a required USB device in the list, select it and click Connect button.

If you choose Connect option, each time the current connection is broken, USB Network Gate will try to restore the connection automatically. This does not concern cases when wrong password was entered on the client side, or when the connection was disabled on the server side.

If you choose Connect once option, there will be no attempts to restore the current connection if it is broken for some reason.

If the device is protected by a password (see How to Secure Connection), enter the password and click OK in the dialog that appears.