USB Network Gate Product Page

To connect to remote shared USB devices from a client computer running macOS, perform the following steps:

  1. Start USB Network Gate.
  2. Shared USB devices are automatically detected by the client and are added to the list of available remote devices on the go. Still, if you want to search for the remote server manually, click Add server button.

    Or you can go to menu –> Manage –> Connect to New Server.

Note: Please make sure that the following ports are open in your system: TCP 5473, UDP 5474, UDP 5475. Read more about TCP and UDP ports required by USB Network Gate here:

    3. To connect to devices in the list in the Remote pane, click the necessary device and then click the Connect button. If the device is protected by a password (see How to Secure Connection), enter the password and click OK in the dialog that appears.