USB Network Gate Product Page

To access shared USB device in remote desktop session, execute the following command in

xfreerdp --plugin usb4rdp <remote address="">


<remote address="">

is the remote server’s IP address/domain name/computer name. This command launches RDP client xfreerdp together with Electronic Team's  plugin, which ensures full USB Network Gate functionality in remote desktop session.


  1. You can also load other plugins for freeRDP, if needed. For example:
xfreerdp --plugin cliprdr --plugin usb4rdp xxx.xx.xx.xx

This command launches RDP client xfreerdp together with plugin and cliprdr Electronic Team's  plugin, which ensures synchronization of client and server clipboard data.

Tip: Refer to freeRDP documentation to find out about supported plugins and available user commands.

    2. To share audio USB device in RDP session, xfreerdp should be launched with additional options:

xfreerdp --plugin usb4rdp -0 -o server

    This would permit to redirect sound not by means of RDP client, but via USB Network Gate.

    3. Electronic Team's plugin is compatible with xfreerdp version starting from 1.0.

    4. If your Mac is running OS X 10.8 or later, the latest XQuartz version should be installed:

    5. In case traffic encryption and/or authorization is enabled, and/or traffic compression is used, sharing of USB device in remote desktop session will be unavailable.