USB Network Gate Product Page

Disable Current Connection

This section concerns disabling current connection from the server side. To know how to disable current connection from the client side, refer to Disconnect from a remote shared USB device section.

If you want to make a shared USB device inaccessible for the client side, take the following steps:

1. Switch to Local USB devices tab.

2. Select a shared USB device you want to break connection with.

3. Click Disable current connection menu option:

4. To reestablish connection with this shared USB device in future, you will need to switch to Remote USB devices tab on the client side and find this device in the list. Now click Connect to reestablish connection with this shared USB device:

Note: when you disable current connection, the USB device still remains shared. This means you cannot access it on the server side. If you need to work with this device locally, you should unshare it.