USB Network Gate Product Page

The USB Network Gate Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software development tools that allow incorporating the USB Network Gate technology into (or providing as a component to accompany) your own software/hardware product.


With the SDK License, you can integrate the USB Network Gate functionality into your own solution and redistribute your end product to an unlimited number of end-users.


Note: the SDK License also implies several limitations. Make sure you’ve read the full SDK License Agreement.

Purchasing the USB Network Gate SDK License you get:

1The documentation on how to manage USB Network Gate daemon from your application via the “” library;
2The archive containing the special SDK installer which lets you distribute USB Network Gate daemon inside your product; SDK usage samples;
3The SDK activation code for USB Network Gate quiet installation and activation on end-users’ machines;
4FREE BONUS: Single License for unlimited shared USB devices which allows you to use the GUI version of USB Network Gate for its better understanding.

To distribute USB Network Gate for Linux technology inside your product, you should include our product’s SDK installer into your project’s installer and execute a special installation script that will install and activate the USB Network Gate daemon on your clients’ machines.

You will get the full description of the SDK redistribution procedures from the SDK User Manual. We’ll be glad to send you the SDK License price, the official Quote, the SDK Evaluation Kit, and to reply to all of your questions if you email to Electronic Team Sales Dpt.

SDK Version Evaluation

To let you evaluate the SDK version before purchasing, we are ready to send you the free SDK Evaluation Kit. You can try integrating USB Network Gate for Linux technology into your software/hardware project. Note that the SDK activation code for installation and activation on Linux will not be provided to you.

USB Network Gate for Linux SDK Evaluation Kit can also be launched in the GUI mode for testing and review purposes. The GUI version will be fully functional within 14 days. When the 14-day evaluation period is over,  the “Share local USB devices” tab will become inactive. To continue using the GUI version of USB Network Gate for Linux, you will need to enter the activation code of the Single License for unlimited shared USB devices which you get as a free bonus.

You can request the SDK Evaluation Kit here.