FlexiHub Product Page

FlexiHub version 3.6 provides the ability to disconnect shared devices from remote nodes automatically. This option is especially helpful in cases where a remote user, that has been invited to connect to your device, forgets to disconnect from the peripheral after they finish working with it, and no other node can establish a new connection to this device. 

With the auto-disconnect feature, you can specify the maximum time of inactivity allowed before a device will be disconnected from a remote computer. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Right-click a device connected to a remote node and select “Set inactivity timeout”.

2. Specify the maximum time after which the connection will be terminated if there’s no interaction with the device.


3. If no activity takes place, FlexiHub will disconnect the peripheral from the remote node automatically.  

Note: This feature may not work with some types of USB devices, including USB web cameras and USB storage devices.