To copy files, do the following:

1. Set the source folder (directory) in one pane, and the target one in the other.

2. Select the files you want to copy with the mouse.

3. Press F5 or choose the Copy option from the menu (File):

4. Click OK. The file will now be copied.


1. To copy and rename a file at a time, press F5. Then put a slash in the path field and type the required file name after the slash.

If you copy only one file and type a new name after the slash, the file will be renamed and will appear with the new name in the target pane.

If you select several files at a time and type a new name after the slash, a new folder with this name will be created in the target pane and the files will be copied there. Their names will remain unchanged.

2. You can also add the selected file to a queue - files will be copied one after another in the background. To view the queue, click the corresponding toolbar button:

3. Copy the file name or its full path

Select the file, go to the main menu --> Edit and choose either the "Copy Path to Clipboard" or "Copy Name to Clipboard" option:

To input the name/path of the current file to Terminal, use ctrl+enter or ctrl+shift+enter hotkeys correspondingly.