Commander One's built-in file viewer is available via F3 and is designed for viewing files in different formats, be they regular files, files inside archives, in your Dropbox or on an FTP server.

You can choose between the following viewing modes:

  • binary - shows the contents of the file as ASCII characters;
  • media - is suitable for media files (audio, video, images) and is identical to preview via QuickLook;
  • HTML - for viewing html code;
  • text - for viewing plain text files (the character encoding can be specified);
  • Hex - displays the contents of the file byte-by-byte in hexadecimal format (with ASCII representation being available in the right-hand column);
  • image - for image files.

Tip: The image mode detects the image format by the file contents and is particularly useful for viewing images that have an incorrect or no file extension.

In the text and binary modes you can also search the file by pressing Option+F7.