To link your Dropbox account, open Connections Manager, select Dropbox and follow the instructions that will open in your browser.

After that you will be able to work with your Dropbox files in two ways:

  • directly from the Dropbox directory on your hard drive (located by default under /Users/<username>/Dropbox);
  • by mounting your account as a drive and accessing your files via the Dropbox API.

The latter approach provides the following benefits:

  • you can link multiple accounts;
  • you don't need to have installed;
  • if you do have installed and its Selective Sync feature enabled, you can still access the folders that are deselected and not synced to your hard drive.

The last is especially handy if you have a Dropbox account with lots of stuff in it and a small local drive where there isn't enough space to keep all your files.

However you choose to work with your account, for your convenience Commander One will also integrate Share and other Dropbox options in the context menu:

  1. Context menu integration requires that is installed on your Mac.
  2. Personal (Basic and Pro) as well as Business Dropbox accounts are supported.