Commander One lets you access and manage files stored on Amazon S3. To connect to your S3 account:

1. Select Amazon S3 in Connections Manager.

2. Choose the connection name:

Note: Enabling an application to use S3 requires it to have access to the AWS credentials, which can be found in the Security Credentials section of the AWS "My Account/Console" menu.

3. Enter your access key ID and secret access key in the respective fields.

4. Enter Server endpoint. Server Endpoint allows getting an access to S3 compatible cloud storages like Wasabi, S3For.Me, Hyperstore, Minio, etc. To connect to such services you need to enter access key ID and secret access key for that service in the corresponding fields as well as to specify the URL address in the Server endpoint box.

Note: By default, it is the Amazon server endpoint.

5. Specify the bucket name, or use the / (slash) character to indicate the root directory, in which case all your buckets will be listed as folders. The region where the bucket resides is detected automatically.