Prior to syncing, it is highly recommended to configure Connection settings for your Mac:

SM 5.x Mac's incoming connections

Name: your Mac’s name.

Incoming connections:

SM5 Mac incoming connections

Allow connections from all hosts: any other Mac may connect to your Mac and perform synchronization with it.

Ask me before establishing connection: the reminder window will pop up whenever there is an incoming request from another Mac.

Allow connections from hosts in this list only: only the hosts from the list will be allowed to connect to your Mac. To add hosts to this list, click “+” button.

Incoming connections

Port: TCP port which listens to the incoming connections on your Mac. It is set automatically by SyncMate. If you want to change this port, be sure you also change it on other Macs.

You can also enable password protection using the corresponding text fields. A password allows securing the connection, and will be requested on the Mac which will try connecting to your Mac to perform synchronization.