To connect successfully your Mac to another Mac, make sure that:

  • SyncMate is installed on all Macs you are going to sync with.
  • Remote Mac is online.
  • The remote side has real IP address. It must be accessible from the Internet disregarding whether remote IP address is static or dynamic.

To connect your Mac to another one for syncing, follow this instruction:

  1. The first thing you should do is  configure your Mac’s Incoming Connections.
  2. On the main Mac (the one you are going to initiate syncing from), click add new device option in the left panel of the main window. After that, choose the device type in the wizard:
  3.  Thanks to Bonjour support, SyncMate automatically locates on a local network and displays the list of other Macs you can connect to (online Macs with SyncMate installed).  If the remote Mac, you are trying to connect to, requests the password, enter this password into the corresponding text field. Password protection to secure the connection among Macs can be enabled in Mac’s Incoming Connections
  4. If you want to, you can choose “Add a Mac manually” option from the drop-down list and enter IP address or DNS name of the remote Mac manually. If you changed the default 27384 TCP port in Incoming Connections of the remote Mac, enter it after a colon.  

The sync process must be initiated on one Mac only. There is no need to press “Sync” button on your second (remote) Mac. Pressing “Sync” button on the main Mac means that sync process will be performed on both Macs.