With SyncMate, you can sync data between your Mac and any mounted device – Mac partition, portable USB storage, any locally connected disk, devices connected via Fire Wire, etc.

You can sync calendars, contacts of Address Book, bookmarks, folders, photos, music/videos from your Mac to the mounted device, or create a backup copy of your mounted device data on your Mac.

Since FTP servers mounted as drives with the Finder in Mac OS X have read-only access, sync is available in one direction only – from drive to Mac folders and other Mac storages.

You can sync iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists in two directions only: from Mac to mounted device and from device to Mac. Bidirectional sync is not available.

When syncing contacts, calendars and bookmarks from your Mac to the mounted device, you actually create a backup of the above listed entries. SyncMate will create a folder on your mounted device where special sync files will be placed.

To connect your Mac to mounted device, follow this instruction: 

  1. Mount your device as Mac storage. 
  2. In SyncMate, click add new device option in the left panel of the main window. After that, choose the device type in the wizard: 
  3. Choose mounted device from the list and click “Connect” button: