You can stream the contents of your Mac screen to Chromecast and AirPlay devices, as well as to DLNA-enabled Smart TVs.

To mirror your screen to another device:

1. Launch the application.

2. Click the application icon on the Menu bar to open a popover.

3. Select the monitor screen contents of which you want to mirror to another device from the list of monitors connected to your Mac.

4. Select the device to which you want to mirror the screen.


1. By default, the first available device is selected.

2. If there is no device in the list that you want to stream to, make sure that the device is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac, update the device list using the Refresh device list option in the menu. If the problem persists, see the Streaming FAQ.

5. Click the Start Streaming button.

Note: You can also start mirroring by double-clicking on the monitor row.

The mirroring will start and the contents of the screen of your Mac will be displayed on the device.

By default, screen mirroring is on mute. How to mirror a screen with sound, see here.

To stop mirroring the screen, click the Stop Streaming button.

To check the screen mirroring settings, go to Preferences > Mirroring.

Note: There is a picture/sound lag while screen mirroring. To know more, see here.