Note: The information in this section is only applicable to JustStream PRO purchased through our website. Feel free to skip this section if you use a different edition.

To activate JustStream PRO on your Mac:

1. Select Activate PRO Version… in the main menu:


2. In the window that opens paste the activation code that you’ve received after the purchase and press Activate:

That’s it! You should see a confirmation that the PRO version was successfully activated.

Note: Activation requires access to the Internet.

If your Mac is not connected to the Internet, you will need to activate JustStream PRO manually (in offline mode). After entering your code, press Activate manually and follow the instructions:

If you need assistance activating your copy, feel free to email us at


  • JustStream PRO may occasionally be reactivated in the background to ensure license compliance. If your Mac is offline, you will need to reactivate it manually following the instructions above.
  • The free version reactivates itself in the background for statistics only.
  • No personal information is collected during activation. Check our Privacy Policy for details.