MacDroid 1.4.124

Released: December 30, 2021

  • Added: native support for Apple's new M1 chips.
  • Improved: work with MTP devices.
  • Improved: the display of MacDroid's icon in the Finder's sidebar on macOS Monterey.
  • Fixed: an issue when the list of files in the folders on devices connected via ADB was not displayed.
  • Fixed: an issue with the read-only access in folders on some devices connected via ADB.

MacDroid 1.3.110

Released: November 26, 2020

  • Added: AppleScript support
  • Improved: compatibility with Android 11
  • Improved: deleting folders with a big amount of files
  • Fixed: crashes during connecting with some devices
  • Fixed: crashes during starting MacDroid
  • Fixed: displaying files with names starting with “.”

MacDroid 1.2.105

Released: June 18, 2020

  • Improved: connection stability with devices in ADB mode

MacDroid 1.1.99

Released: May 22, 2020

  • Fixed: app crash when copying files
  • Fixed: errors while copying files to the device
  • Fixed: app crashes during device disconnection or reconnection
  • Fixed: incorrect display of files containing umlauted characters in their names
  • Updated: internal mechanism of disabling Finder files preview generation when FUSE for macOS is installed
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements

MacDroid 1.0.86

Released: February 14, 2020

  • Some minor fixes and improvements (thank you for your feedback!)

MacDroid 1.0.85

First Release: February 12, 2020