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Understanding the number of connections

The Team Subscription has a connection limit that determines how many connections to remote devices your team can establish at a time.  

The number of connections your team can create simultaneously is equal to the number of team members included in your subscription plan.

Note: to increase the number of connections in your plan, you should contact FlexiHub Sales Team.

As a team administrator, you can set or change the allowed number of connections for each team member.  

When adding a new team member to your team account, you can choose whether to set a shared limit of connections for this member or provide them with a fixed number of connections.

If a team member does not require a certain number of connections, or their connection needs vary depending on a specific scenario, it’s recommended to select the shared limit option:

In this case, the total number of connections will be shared on a “first-come, first-served” basis among all the team members that have this option enabled. Once the shared limit is reached, the team members won’t be able to connect any more devices unless some of the devices are disconnected.  

If there’s a need to allocate a fixed number of connections to a particular team member, you can specify the required number when adding this member to your team: 

This team member will have their own individual connections limit. The allocated number of connections will be subtracted from the total number of connections permitted by your subscription plan. The connections established by other team members will not affect this individual limit in any way.

Let’s say your subscription plan allows 10 connections and you have 5 team members in your team account. One of your team members has a fixed number of 5 connections and the other 4 members have a shared limit of connections.

The member with the fixed number of connections will be able to create up to 5 simultaneous connections at any time they need it while the other 4 members of your team will share the rest of 5 connections on a “first come, first served” basis.

If one of the members with the shared limit creates 3 connections, all the others can create up to 2 connections, and if this member disconnects one of the devices, the others can create up to 3 connections correspondingly.

Note: If a specific team member needs to only share their local devices and won’t connect to remote ones, you can either select the shared limit option or set the fixed number of connections to 0.  

Change connection limits

A team administrator can change the connection limits for each team member at any time. 

To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Find the team member whose settings you want to edit and click the Edit button:

  1. Make the required changes and click Save

Check your connection limit status

A team member can check their current connection limit by selecting Help -> About from the main menu of their FlexiHub account.