Yes, you can use the service for personal purposes under the FlexiHub Team Plan. For example, you can remotely access USB devices plugged into your office computer from a thin client at home, use a USB device plugged into your home laptop in the remote desktop session on your office machine, redirect USB peripherals to a virtual environment, etc.

To connect to your remote devices within a Team Member Account, you should do the following:

  1. Log in to your sub-account from both your local and remote computers using the same token provided to you by the Team Account administrator. 

Log in

Note: By default, all USB devices plugged into each of your nodes (i.e. the computers currently logged in to your Team Member Account) are available for connection to all of your other nodes. 

  1. In the FlexiHub interface, find the device you want to connect to remotely and click the "Connect" button:

Connect button

Note: The FlexiHub Team Plan allows three (3) nodes to be logged in to the same Team Member Account at a time. 

Being a member of a FlexiHub Team Account, you can also use the Service for sharing your personal devices with other members of the Team Account.