To redirect a serial device to a remote computer, do the following:

  1. Install Serial to Ethernet Connector on both computers.
  2. On one system create a server connection, selecting the COM port to which the device is attached, some TCP port to listen on, and leaving the Create as virtual serial port option unchecked.
  3. On the other system create a client connection, specifying the server’s IP address and the TCP port you chose in the previous step. Select any COM port number you see fit and be sure to check Create as virtual serial port and Strict baudrate emulation.
  4. In the advanced connection settings on both sides select Use Telnet (RFC 2217) protocol.

Once a connection is established, all data sent by the device, attached to the real COM port of your server system, will be redirected to the specified virtual COM port on your client system, and the other way around.