Serial to Ethernet Connector (hereinafter also referred to as SEC) is a professional solution that allows sharing any number of real or virtual serial ports over the Internet or LAN. The software makes it possible for multiple remote computers (clients) to connect to devices shared on your local computer (server) and communicate with them as if those devices were attached directly to the client machines.

With SEC you can:

  • Share an unlimited number of serial ports for remote connections over TCP/IP network
  • Choose data transmission protocol, which will be used for connection: raw data transmission algorithm or Telnet (RFC 2217) protocol
  • Dynamically change connection parameters without reopening or re-creating the connection
  • Customize advanced connection settings
  • Verify connection’s integrity by using the “keep alive” feature
  • Set pauses after which all received data is sent to the remote end when using UDP or TCP as underlay protocol
  • Set period of time after which TCP client will try to restore connection if the connection was dropped
  • Save shell script that restores the current state of the program
  • Easily track all program activity in the detailed activity log
  • Get separate traffic statistics of each serial port, TCP connection, and UDP traffic
  • Set connection password to authenticate remote clients
  • Encrypt TCP traffic to secure data transmission
  • Work with SEC on a virtual machine

Features list:

  • Several client computers can connect to a server simultaneously
  • No limitation on the quantity of virtual serial ports or connections created (except your system resources)
  • High-speed data exchange with a virtual serial port (up to 256 Kbits/s)
  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols are supported
  • Shared serial ports’ states are automatically restored every time you boot your computer
  • Small packet transmission lags can be decreased by disabling Nagle algorithm
  • Full compatibility with Hyper-Threading and multi-processor systems
  • The client-server or multicast architecture can be built between Linux and Windows operating systems

Trial version limitations:

Electronic Team, Inc. offers a fully-functional trial version of Serial to Ethernet Connector for evaluation purposes. You can test the software functionality for free during a 14-day trial period.   After that, you can acquire a license according to your needs. To download your free trial version, visit

Platforms SEC was tested on:

  • Linux RPM-based (32-64bit) Fedora 30-32, CentOS 6.4-7,
  • Linux DEB-based (32-64bit) Ubuntu 16-20.04,
  • ARMv7,8: Linux RPM-based (32-64bit), DEB-based (32-64bit).