This visualizer displays the captured data from the developer’s point of view: it presents the table consisting of the recorded IRPs. Each row represents one IRP and each column represents one single part of IRP.


Index (#): The index of the request. The index increases in ascending order.

Time: The timestamp of the request. Timestamp format can be accustomed in File –> Preferences.

Function: The name of the request. Usually it is one of the standard IRP major function names.

Direction: Either UP or DOWN string, that stands for the direction of the request. If DOWN is displayed, the request was initiated by the application, otherwise by the device driver.

Status: The request status.

Data: If the request has data in its body, it is displayed in this column in hexadecimal format. Number of displayed symbols is limited to 260.

Data (Chars): The same as previous column, but displays data as characters.

Data length: The received data length.

Requested length: The requested data length value.

Note: Entries highlighting colors can be customized via Preferences dialog.

You can switch between the corresponding input/output packets via “Pair” context menu option: 

Pair context menu