Visualizers monitoring can be managed in several ways:

1. Views Positioning:

By default, as soon as you start a new monitoring session, selected views are tiled and stretched to the whole size of the main window. Later, you can either position and resize them manually, or use automatic positioning options:

Views Positioning
2. Closing and Showing Views Again:

Sometimes, you can find it convenient to close some logs temporarily and later bring them up again. You can do it either by closing a view with the cross (regular way of closing windows), or selecting “Close” in the view menu on the toolbar:

Closing and ShowingTo bring a closed log up again, just click the icon that corresponds to this view on the toolbar.

3. Minimizing Views:

Views can be minimized still staying active and updated. To minimize a view, you can use a standard way of minimizing windows, or select “Minimize” option in the view menu on the toolbar:

Minimizing Views4. Exporting Views:

Currently, every log can be exported into various formats (HTML, ANSI/UNICODE TXT). Besides, Table View log can be exported and redirected to file in CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format. To export a view, select “Export to” option in the view menu on the toolbar; this will toggle a file selection dialog, where you can select the file format and destination:

Exporting Views5. Redirecting Views:

When redirected to a file, Table or any other view will be automatically updated in the file whenever data is updated in Serial Port Monitor. After that, you can open this file with a third-party application and use monitoring data in real-time. To redirect a view to a file, select “Redirect to” option in the view menu on the toolbar.

A redirected file can be either split into a bunch of files or can be limited to user-defined size:


Note: the redirected file size can exceed the user-defined size in case data flow is big.

6. Exporting Raw Data in Terminal View:

ExportingTo export raw data to a file, select “Export raw data to” option in the view menu on the toolbar.

7. Clipboard Operations:

Serial Port Monitor lets you copy whole logs to clipboard and separate abstracts according to your selection. To copy view to clipboard in order to insert it into another applications, select “Copy this log to clipboard” option in the view menu on the toolbar. To copy selected abstract to clipboard, just select the desired text in the view window and press CTRL+C on your keyboard or select “Copy” in the right-click menu:

Clipboard Operations