SyncMate will allow you to synchronize various events in your Calendar on Mac with the supported types of devices and accounts.

Synchronization parameters

  • Direction. Synchronization can be performed in three directions:



  • It is possible to sync only one-time events from Live Outlook account calendar.
  • An all-day event is displayed as a two-day event when synced to Outlook. This issue is related to the inner workings of Outlook and is not a bug in SyncMate.
  • Calendar selection. It is possible to select all available calendars or specify just the required ones.

Click “Refresh” to display the updated list of calendars available for synchronization.

  • Synchronization timeline. Select which past and future events to sync.

Note: When syncing calendars between two Macs, the Cmd+Del command does not delete calendar events.
  • Delete synchronized calendar events. It is possible to clear synced events either on Mac or other side of synchronization.To wipe out the synchronization history, select the “Reset history” option.

These options will especially become useful, if one discovers the duplicates of the synced events. Simply delete synchronized events, reset history and sync the required calendar anew. However, we highly recommend to backup your calendars beforehand:

  1. Open;
  2. Click “File” in the menu bar at the top of the screen;
  3. Click “Export” → Calendars Archive.

To start calendar synchronization, please click “Apply” first to confirm the selected parameters, then select “Sync”.