With SyncMate anyone can keep multiple number of folders in sync between numerous devices and accounts with ease.

Synchronization parameters

1. To start with, please select the “Add new pair” option.

2. Select a pair of folders which will be used for synchronization: one on your Mac and another on your device.

Then, specify the synchronization direction.

Note: Syncing of folders from the Mac to an iOS device is possible in either direction, however the files copied from the Mac to the iOS device will not be available for usage, only for storage.

Click “Add new pair” in the invoked window to add selected folders.

If you would like to choose another pair of folders, just repeat the steps listed above.

3. You can configure filters to avoid synchronization of particular items. To do this, enter the filter mask (file type, file name etc) in the corresponding text field and click the “Add filter” button to add the filter mask to the list. You can enable “Subfolder”, “File” and “Path” filters to exclude items, containing the specified mask in subfolder name, file name and path respectively. It is also possible to specify the size range for the skipped items and their modification date.

To ignore invisible files and folders, simply check the corresponding box.Once filters are customized, click the “OK” button. To make SyncMate use filters during synchronization, please check the corresponding “Filter” box next to the added pair of folders.

4. If some data (file name, format, etc.) is changed at the remote side or on your Mac during the synchronization process, SyncMate won’t know which one has the highest priority. In this case you have several ways to resolve this issue:

5. Press “Apply” to confirm chosen parameters and “Sync” to start the synchronization process.