The “Calls” plugin will help you keep track of the incoming, outcoming and missed calls from your devices directly on Mac. Calls history displays a contact photo, call duration, time and date of the call and, of course, a telephone number of a contact. The number of calls, which are saved to Calls history, is unlimited.

Synchronization parameters

  • Calls filter. View incoming, outgoing, missed calls, or all at once. Check the corresponding box to filter the calls starting from the specified date.

  • Export. Save Calls history as a TXT or CSV file.

  • Refresh. Refresh your Calls history. If new calls are available on your device, they will be loaded to SyncMate and added to the list.

  • Delete. Remove local calls and load calls from a device.

To add a phone number to Contacts on your Mac, click the “+” button next to the corresponding number.