Once you enable iCloud on your Mac, all data will be merged to the cloud and will be no longer located on your Mac.

With SyncMate, you can sync contacts and calendars between Google account and iCloud for free. Now you can store data in iCloud and, at the same time, keep these entries on your Mac for further sync with other devices.

To sync contacts and calendars between Google account and iCloud, follow the instruction:

1. Move your data back from iCloud to Mac

If you already store contacts and calendars in iCloud, you will need to shift the data back from iCloud to your Mac, as SyncMate syncs only the data physically located on your Mac.

Contacts can be transferred without any problem – just click “Keep contacts” button in iCloud dialog window:

However, iCloud doesn’t allow transferring calendars back to Mac.

So you will need to first sync calendars with your Mac using SyncMate. See the instruction below.

2. Disable sync with iCloud

Once you are sure all the data you had in iCloud is transferred back to Mac, disable contacts and calendars sync in iCloud preferences. Tick off the corresponding options:

3. Sync iCloud with Google account via SyncMate

This can be reached in several steps:

3.1 When you need to sync data from iCloud to Google account, add “iCloud” connection in SyncMate and log into your iCloud account via SyncMate interface. See the instruction here.

Then sync contacts or calendars from iCloud to Mac:

3.2 Then add your Google account as a new connection. See the instruction here.
And sync contacts or calendars from Mac to Google: