Brief User Guide

1) Upon logging into account the support operator will see a screen listing available customers (if any) and operator’s name on top of that. Below is a sample screenshot of such screen with no clients available:

no clients

2) Once a customer pops up, the operator should click the ‘Service’ to access the list of available customer’s device(s):


3) The list of available devices will look as follows:

available devices

The operator should press the ‘Connect‘ button in order to redirect the customer’s device.

4) To communicate with the customer in real time, the operator can use HelpWire text chat.

HelpWire text chat

5) Upon completion, the operator clicks the ‘End service’ and customer’s machine gets logged off the account.

If it is needed to postpone troubleshooting or pass this customer to another operator, the current operator should right-click the customer’s computer name bar and select the ‘Break service session’ item from the shortcut menu.

Break service session

6) If a customer is being serviced by an operator, it becomes unavailable to other operators:


7) If customer’s machine drops connection for some reason and goes offline, it will be moved to the Offline nodes group and it can be later deleted from the list and account via the shortcut menu:

Offline nodes

8) Operator can log out of the account via the main menu Operator > Log out option.

9) Should any connection problems arise and you get the ‘contact support’ error, please save HelpWire logs using main menu File > Save internal logs option and send these logs to our tech support at – please also enclose a brief description of the issue along with the local date and time when it occurred:

internal logs


a) If a customer quits the GUI window, s/he will be automatically logged out of the account. So, please notify your customers to keep the GUI opened all the way through the troubleshooting session. If needed, the window can be minimized.

b) If an operator quits the GUI, s/he still stays logged into the account. In order to log out, s/he needs to use the corresponding main menu option, as described above.

For more information about HelpWire click here.