HelpWire Bridge is a hardware virtualization technology that allows you to emulate a remote physical USB device on the operator side.

To repair and service USB devices, support engineers may use special tools such as controllers or unlock boxes which communicate with devices via a USB port.

Many repair tools, however, will not work in case they identify a USB redirection software running on a technician’s computer.

HelpWire Bridge allows specialists to connect to remote customer devices without installing a USB redirection application. The solution makes it possible to access hardware devices remotely as though they were attached directly to a technician’s local computer.

HelpWire Bridge receiver box includes Raspberry Pi Zero board, a microSD with special firmware, a power bank or a charging unit, and a mini USB cable.

How it works:

The customer:

– сonnects a device to a computer via USB;
– starts a special HelpWire Bridge client-side app;
– the device becomes available to the technician.

The technician:

– plugs the HelpWire Bridge receiver box into a USB port on a PC;
– gets access to the customer’s device over the network.

The emulated USB device provides the same functionality as provided by the actual device.

How to configure Raspberry Pi Zero to work with HelpWire Bridge.