During installation process (“Select Components” dialog) you will be prompted to install Serial Port Monitor ActiveX sample files for different development environments which will show the functionality our ActiveX component provides. You may access those examples either from “Start” menu ("Start" -> "Programs" -> "Electronic Team" -> "Serial Port Monitor AX DEMO"), or locate them on the disk using Windows Explorer (by default the Control is installed to “C:\Program Files\Electronic Team\Serial Port Monitor AX DEMO”).

Examples are provided for the following IDEs:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

  • Microsoft Visual C++ .NET

  • Microsoft Visual C# .NET

  • Embarcadero/Borland Delphi

  • Embarcadero/Borland C++ Builder

Sample applications feature the same functionality, however the design may differ slightly in different programming languages

Sample applications feature

Select port name” combo box lets you select physical serial port, which will be monitored. Simply press the “Start sniffing” button (it will change into “Stop sniffing” when sniffing is active). When you press “Stop sniffing” button, an attempt to finish serial port sniffing will be performed.

Port details pane displays detailed information about sniffed serial port. Here you may check the state of serial port (opened/closed), baudrate value, data bits, stop bits, parity, flow control and view its timeout settings (ReadIntervalTimeout, ReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier, ReadTotalTimeoutConstant, WriteTotalTimeoutMultiplier and WriteTotalTimeoutConstant).

Port control line states pane displays control lines states if they were changed or “Unknown” otherwise. Additionally, sample application displays sent/received data counters and provides detailed log of detected events, which were caught by Serial Port Monitor ActiveX Control.