Available only in the PRO edition.

With Virtual Serial Port Driver, you can connect several real ports to one virtual for their further automatic switching. By opening the virtual port, a serial application can get access to any joined real port and device attached to it. Several applications can open a virtual port at a time and connect to available devices. The software will automatically detect a free real port and assign it to the corresponding app.

The number of serial apps connected to a virtual port at a time should not exceed the number of real ports added to the port bundle.

To create port switcher, do the following:

1. Сreate a new port bundle. To do that, click the “Switch” icon on the vertical menu at the left, then click the “Create a port switcher” button:

Note: This feature is currently not supported on ARM-based Windows systems.


Сreate a new port bundle

2. Choose the real ports you want to automatically switch between. Add ports to the list by clicking the “+” button, and remove them by clicking the “-” button.

Then choose the name for the new switcher port from a dropdown list:

choose the name

 You can enter a custom name for this bundle into the “Description” field for easier identification, and/or enable strict baudrate emulation by ticking the respective checkbox:


 3. Click the “Create” button. Now you can click this port bundle in the Bundle tree to view its settings:

Bundle tree

Note: If you receive an error message when creating a port bundle, you can analyze the information shown in the Activity log.