Available only in the PRO edition.

To create a complex port bundle, do the following:

1. Сreate a new port bundle. To do that, click the “Complex” icon on the vertical menu at the left, then click the “Create complex bundle” button:

Note: The feature to add a shared serial port to a complex port bundle is currently not supported on ARM-based Windows systems.


Create complex bundle

2. Add ports to the lists by clicking the “+” button (to remove a port use the “-” button)  both at the Input and Output sides. You can choose if you want to add a Real, Virtual, or Shared at the top of the dropdown list (click the port’s name to do so):

Add ports

For each side, choose a virtual port to be set as the main one and click the button (to undo this action, click 

For any selected port, you can use the  button to access its settings.

Also, you can enter a custom name for this bundle into the “Description” field for easier identification, and/or enable strict baudrate emulation by ticking the respective checkbox:

Description field

3. Click the “Create” button. Now you can click this port bundle in the Bundle tree to view its settings:

Create button

Note: If you receive an error message when creating a port bundle, you can analyze the information shown in the Activity log.