In the PRO version of Folx you can control global speed limits via the dropdown menu in the lower-left corner of the program:
There are three modes available:
  • No Limitations: Files will be downloaded/uploaded at maximum speed.
  • Manual Speed Adjustment: Folx will adhere to the limits set in the Limit Download/Upload Speed to dropdowns. The Auto option will enable Smart Speed for the given direction. The Custom option allows you to set a custom speed limit. 
  • Smart Speed Adjustment: The download/upload limits will be set dynamically based on whether there is Internet traffic from a web browser or another application. This way you can make the most of your Internet connection, letting Folx download at full capacity, while still maintaining a good user experience in other applications. The Smart Speed options are grouped on the respective tab in Preferences:  Here you can add the required applications to the list and set the speed limits as needed. To enable Smart Speed based on a schedule, check the Limit by time option and specify the weekdays and time on which you'd like to have it enabled.