The following table lists the file types (formats) supported by Elmedia Player:


 File name extensionFile type
.3gp, .3gpp, .3g2The 3rd Generation Partnership Project(2) Video
.3iv3ivx Video
.amvActions Media Video
.asfAdvanced Systems Format
.asxAdvanced Stream Redirector
.aviAudio Video Interleave
BDMVBlu-ray (supports only unencrypted discs)
.dat(S)VCD Data File
.divxDivX Media Format
.dvDigital Video
.dvr-msMicrosoft Digital Video Recording
.exeAdobe Animate Files (Projectors)*
.f4v, .flvFlash Video
.flc, .fliFLIC Animation
.gxfGeneral eXchange Format
.h264H.264 Encoded Video
.hdvHigh Definition Video
.m1v, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpvMPEG-1 Video
.mp4, .m4v, .mpg4, .mpeg4MPEG-4 Video
.m2t, .m2ts., .mts, .tsMPEG-2 Transport Stream
.m2v, .mpg2MPEG-2 Video
.mjpMotion JPEG
.mkvMatroska Video
.mov, .qtQuickTime
.mqvSony Movie
.mtvMTV Video
.mxfMaterial Exchange Format
.nsvNullsoft Streaming Video
.nutNUT Open Container
.ogm, .ogvOgg Video
.pmfSony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Movie File
.pvaPVA Video
.recTopfield PVR
.ram, .rm, .rmvb, .rvRealMedia/ RealVideo
.swfAdobe Flash File Format (ShockWave Flash)*
.tpBeyond TV Transport Stream
.ty, .ty+, .tivoTiVo Video
.vc1VC-1 Video
.vcdVirtual CD
.vidGeneric Video
.vfwVideo for Windows
.vobVideo Object (DVD)
.vvc, .266H.266/VVC raw elementary streams
.webmWEB Media
.wmvWindows Media Video
.xvidXvid Video
.yuv, .y4mYUV/ YUV4MPEG2 Video


 File name extensionFile type
.3gaThe 3rd Generation Partnership Project Audio
.aacAdvanced Audio Coding
.ac3, eac3(Enhanced) Audio Codec 3 (Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus)
.acmAudio Compression Manager
.aif, .aiffAudio Interchange File Format
.amrAdaptive Multi-Rate Audio Codec
.apeMonkey's Audio
.auSun Microsystems Audio
.cafCore Audio File
.cueCue Sheet
.dff, .dsfDirect Stream Digital Audio
.dtsDigital Theater Systems Surround Audio
.flacFree Lossless Audio Codec
.gsmFull Rate (GSM) Voice Codec
.m4a, .m4p, .m4rMPEG-4 Audio
.mkaMatroska Audio
.mp2, .mpa, .mp3, .mpgaMPEG-1/2 Audio Layer II/III
.ogg, .ogaOgg Audio
.opusOpus Audio Format
.pcmPulse-code modulation
.qcpQualComm PureVoice Audio
.spxSpeex Audio Compression Format
.vaw, .waw, .wavWaveform Audio
.wmaWindows Media Audio
.webmWEB Media


 File name extensionFile type
.ass, .ssa(Advanced) SubStation Alpha
.smiSynchronized Accessible Media Interchange
.smilSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language
.subMicroDVD/ VobSub/ VobSub/ SubViewer
.utfUlead VideoStudio
.vtt, .webvttWeb Video Text Tracks


 File name extensionFile type
.m3uMP3 URL

* SWF playback functionality is limited on M1 Macs. Get more information here.