When you stream a video, the receiving device downloads it in small pieces and only then plays these pieces back to you. This process is called buffering. If your Mac running Elmedia Player is not powerful enough to support a video transcoding in real-time, the streaming can look choppy. That is why Elmedia Player takes on some part of buffering. With its pre-buffering feature, Elmedia gathers file segments to make streaming smooth and without interruptions. The re-buffering is also possible if the player runs out of segments, but to continue streaming enough media segments should be gathered.

By default, Elmedia Player has automatic buffering, but you can adjust the number of seconds that the app buffers before playing your content. For this, go to Preferences > Streaming tab. Type the number of seconds you'd like the app to buffer in the "Buffer" text box. The default value is 100, but you can change that if you'd like to increase or decrease the buffering time.

  1. Increase the buffering time if you have a slow network connection and your streaming videos or music pauses frequently while playing.
  2. If you don’t have playback problems, try to reduce the value. The playback will begin sooner after clicking "Play." You can try to change different values to optimize your playback.