To map your Dropbox account to a drive with CloudMounter, click Dropbox in the new connection dialog and follow the instructions: 

Note: Personal (Basic and Pro), as well as Business Dropbox accounts, are supported.

By working with Dropbox through CloudMounter you get the following benefits:

  • your account is mounted as a drive, and you can upload files as if copying them to a regular local folder;
  • you can link multiple Dropbox accounts;
  • you don't need to have installed;
  • if you do have installed and its Selective Sync feature enabled, you can still access the folders that are deselected and not synced to your hard drive, which is especially handy if you have a Dropbox account with lots of stuff in it and a small local drive where there isn't enough space to keep all your files.

Note: After mounting your account, you may receive an email from Dropbox to notify you of a new login from Apple Mail. Even if it's not your default browser, worry not - that is just how CloudMounter is recognized by Dropbox.

You can share any file or a directory by easily copying its Dropbox link to the clipboard via the corresponding context menu. 

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