The AppendAccessMask method adds new mask to the end of mask list  

BOOL AppendAccessMask (

      BSTR Mask,      

      BOOL Access,




  • Mask : String. Can contain wildcard characters:
Wildcard CharacterMeaning
* (asterisk)
Matches zero or more characters
? (question mark)
Matches a single character
Matches either a period or zero characters beyond the name string
Matches any single character or, upon encountering a period or end of name string, advances the expression to the end of the set of contiguous DOS_QMs
Matches zero or more characters until encountering and matching the final . in the name
  • Access : grant/deny access (TRUE/FALSE).

Return Values : If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE, otherwise the return value is FALSE.


  1. Access rights check is running in ascending order up to first mask match. Once the match is found according to Access status, VSP AX grants or denies port access to application. The rest of masks will not be checked.
  2. Access is granted to all applications by default.
Note: this method is available starting from Windows 2000 only.