On the left-hand sidebar on the main screen, swipe to the Photos category and select it. Swipe up or down on the Touch surface to scroll through the items, which are sorted by title. To view and scroll through your photos in full screen, select a photo and swipe left or right.

You can also press left or right on the Touch surface to return to the previous slide or advance to the next one.

Additionally, you can view your shared photos and albums as a slideshow. If a photo is shown full screen, and there are more pictures available in the current selection, press the Play / Pause button to start a slideshow. If you want the slideshow to run automatically, go to Settings → Slideshow and turn on the Start Automatically option.

Before starting the slideshow, you can adjust the following settings:
  • Shuffle: Turn on to show your photos in random order.
  • Repeat: Turn on to play the slideshow continuously.
  • Transition Effect: Select the transition effect used between photos.
  • Speed: Select how long to display each photo on the screen.