Java binding is provided with the library. That makes it possible to use libeveusb API in applications written in Java. 


Java binding is generated by swig, similar to Python binding. 


‹install_dir›/redistr/eveusb_java.tar.gz archive contains the source distribution of Java binding. 


Moreover, it contains an “example” directory with simple examples of API usage for Oracle Java and Android. 


‹install_dir›/ElectronicTeam/eveusb/lib/eveusb.jar is a precompiled Java binding built from eveusb_java.tar.gz sources. You must append it to -classpath when you invoke Java compiler. 


If you use Oracle Java, you must append to -classpath 


$(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/deploy.jar Our UNG application on Android uses Java binding for libeveusb API itself.