ClientStartRemoteDevIsolateSession (
IN PVOID pClientContext,
IN long iIndex,
IN VARIANT strPassword,
IN ULONG SessionId

Routine Description:

Initializes client's connection to the server with enabled per-session device isolation.


pClientContext - remote USB devices context returned by the ClientEnumAvailRemoteDevOnServer or ClientEnumAvailRemoteDev functions.

iIndex - serial number of the remote USB device.

strPassword - authorization password if required. You can find out whether authorization is required by calling the ClientRemoteDevRequiresAuth function.

SessionId - ID of a session in which the remote USB device will be accessible.

To get the ID of a current session, call ClientGetCurrentSessionId. To get the list of all sessions, call ClientGetSessionIds.

Return Value:

True - if the function was executed successfully. False - if an error occurred.


If you specify the ID of a non-existent session, the device will not be displayed on the remote computer until the corresponding session is created.