USB Network Gate requires the following ports to be opened:

1. TCP 5473 - to get the list of all shared USB devices as well as detailed information about them.

2. UDP 5474 - for broadcasting, to find the computers where USB Network Gate is installed (using "Find All" option).

3. UDP 5475 - to receive a response to a broadcast request.

4. TCP 5475 - for remote Service management which is executed via PIPE.

5. The TCP port you've specified in the "Share USB device" window.

All ports listed above are used by UsbService.exe or UsbService64.exe, depending on your Windows bit edition.

Simultaneous access to a shared USB device

Q. How can I access a remote shared USB device from several computers at a time?

A. USB Network Gate allows you to access (over the local network or the Internet) any shared USB device that is located on a remote PC (server machine) and use this device as if it were plugged into a PC in front of you (client machine).

However, it is impossible to access the same shared USB device from two client machines at a time. To access a USB device from a different client PC, you have to disconnect from the device on one client PC and connect to this device from another one.

If you are working with USB security dongles and want to connect one USB hardware key 
to several remote computers at a time, you can try the Donglify software.