Purchasing the SDK License you get:


- the documentation on how to manage the USB Network Gate daemon from your application;

- SDK packages (EveUSB_SDK.pkg and EveUSB_SDK-IOUSBHost.pkg) that let you integrate the USB Network Gate functionality into your product.


● EveUSB_SDK.pkg contains the daemon (eveusbd) and USB Network Gate drivers.

● EveUSB_SDK-IOUSBHost.pkg contains the daemon (eveusbd) that is capable of working without using macOS kernel extensions.


Note: If using EveUSB_SDK-IOUSBHost.pkg on M1 Mac computers with macOS 11 Big Sur, you can only share USB devices attached to your local machine. You cannot establish client connections to remote devices.


- the header files: eveusb.h and device.h which provide API for the C++ programming language;


- FreeRDP Plugin (EveUSB_FreeRDP_Plugin.pkg) that lets you use USB Network Gate in an RDP session;


- a dynamic library (libEveUSB.dylib) which enables other applications to send requests to the eveusbd daemon;


- SDK user manual;


- an SDK activation code for USB Network Gate activation on end-users' machines;


- FREE BONUS: Single License for unlimited shared USB devices allows you to use the GUI version of USB Network Gate for better understanding.


Note: If you want to use the GUI version of USB Network Gate for testing and review purposes, please, enter your "Single License for Unlimited shared USB devices" code into the application's registration window.


To distribute USB Network Gate technology inside your product, you should copy the software files to a redistributable package and include it into your installation file (setup script).


How to Evaluate the SDK Version


To evaluate USB Network Gate SDK for macOS, submit this form to get a trial activation code →

The SDK package with all the required files and documents can be downloaded here →


USB Network Gate SDK Evaluation Kit can also be launched in GUI mode for testing and review purposes.

The GUI version of the SDK Evaluation Kit will be fully functional within 7 days after the activation with a trial activation code. When the 7-day evaluation period is over, the "Share local USB devices" tab will become inactive.

To be able to use USB Network Gate SDK without the limitations mentioned above, you will require a regular license.