Distribution of USB Network Gate technology inside your product can be achieved by installing the USB Network Gate SDK package on the end-user system.


To install USB Network Gate on the end-user computer, do the following:


1. First, on the developer's machine, activate USB Network Gate using the SDK activation code you received from us after the SDK license purchase.


To do this, use the command eveusbc license <SDK activation code>.


(The utility can be found in the folder “SDK” in the Electronic Team DMG file.)


Then, copy the file that can be found under the following path: /var/db/eveusb.db

to /var/db on the end user’s machine.


2. Install EveUSB_SDK.pkg (it is already included in the free SDK Evaluation Kit);


For silent installation use:


sudo installer -pkg EveUSB_SDK.pkg -target /


Note: You can install EveUSB_SDK-IOUSBHost.pkg instead of EveUSB_SDK.pkg on macOS Big Sur. The EveUSB_SDK-IOUSBHost.pkg package is designed to work without using macOS kernel extensions.


Note: With EveUSB_SDK-IOUSBHost.pkg, you can only share USB devices attached to your local machine. You cannot establish client connections to remote devices.


3. Launch the USB Network Gate daemon by executing the command below:


sudo /Library/Frameworks/EveUSB.framework/Support/eveusbd install


EveUSB_SDK.pkg contains the following components:


● /Library/Frameworks/EveUSB.framework

● /Library/LaunchDaemons/us.electronic.eveusb.daemon.plist


Note: Before the installation of the EveUSB SDK, make sure that other USB Network Gate versions, that may be present in your system, are uninstalled.