Service Installation 

1. Copy the SEC8.act file from the SDK Redistributable Package to the folder where sec_service.exe is located. 

Note: There may already be an old SEC8.act file on your computer if Serial to Ethernet Connector has been installed there before. This can be checked at the following path:

C:\ProgramData\Electronic Team\SEC

If the SEC folder containing the SEC8.act file is found, it’s recommended to either remove the file or replace it with the SEC8.act file from the SDK Redistributable Package.

2. Then, install the Service in the target environment. To do this, execute the following command-line instruction "sec_service.exe install". If the Service is installed successfully, you will get the "OK" message or "Error" message otherwise. 

3. Now, you can start the Service by executing the "sec_service.exe enable" command. Since now, the Service will be automatically started every time the PC is rebooted.

Service Uninstallation 

If you want to uninstall the Serial to Ethernet Connector's Service, execute the following operations: 

1. If the Service is currently running, stop it using the "sec_service.exe disable" command-line instruction. 

2. Execute the "sec_service.exe uninstall" command-line operation to uninstall the Service.