The list of command-line arguments accepted by the Service is the following:

install - Service installation

uninstall - Service uninstallation 

enable - Enable Service 

disable - Stop Service 

REG - Service registration 

Here are several examples:

sec_service.exe install - Service installation 

sec_service.exe enable - Service launching

Connections can be created, edited and deleted via command line. Use the following commands:

ADD - adds the new connection with the parameters indicated in an XML file. The file format specification can be derived from the SDK user manual. The command executes only when the Service is running. 

Syntax: SEC_SERVICE ADD <path_to_XML_file>

DELETE - removes the selected connection. The command executes only when the Service is running.

Syntax: SEC_SERVICE DELETE  <connection_name>

UPDATE - modifies the current settings for the selected connection. 

Syntax: SEC_SERVICE UPDATE <connection_name> <path_to_XML_file>

Read here how to build XML file: Remote Serial to Ethernet Connector Service Management