Starting from version 4.0 Serial to Ethernet Connector's installation package contains 2 security plugins: encryption plugin and authorization plugin. Now with the help of crypt.dll and auth.dll you are able to develop your own methods of input and output data encryption and authorization. The examples of using these plugins are located in:



auth.dll - manages password authorization in connections, it has the following function: 

  • BeginConnectionAuth 

If you are going to create your own auth.dll, note, that it should contain the method mentioned above. 



The BeginConnectionAuth method verifies authorization at the remote end.

int PreSendData( 

SOCKET sock, WCHAR *szInitString 


■ sock - opened socket, which can be used for Handshake communication with the remote end 

■ szInitString - string of initialization. By default it is a password, which is entered into a password field in SEC’s interface 

Return Values 

If the function succeeds, the return value is 0, otherwise - error.