After selecting your streaming device, you can start mirroring the screen of your iOS device. To do this, press the “Screen” button on the main screen of DoCast.

Before starting screen mirroring, you can configure the settings with which mirroring will occur:

  • auto-rotate the mirroring content when you rotate your iPhone
  • choose the quality of the mirroring content
  • mirror sound along with the screen content to streaming device

After selecting the necessary options, tap the “Start mirroring” button to start the mirroring session.

Note:  To mirror the screen to Roku devices, you need to install the DoCast channel from the Roku Channel Store.

In order to stop mirroring, tap the “Stop mirroring” button on the DoCast screen.

Tip:  You can also stop the mirroring session by tapping on the status bar and, in the alert that appears, tap the “Stop” button.

Note: Currently, screen mirroring to Fire TV and Roku devices is performed without sound. We are working to improve this, and this limitation will be resolved in the future.