There are 3 types of drive mounting offered by MacDroid that you can choose from. We recommend using macOS Native Drive. However, if it doesn't suit you for any reason, you can choose another one from the list:

macOS Native Drive - a native way to mount cloud storage on macOS. It has been available since macOS 11.3 With this type of connection, many additional options are available, including support for working with files offline. In this case, you can work with files without a permanent connection to the device, and the changes will be uploaded when you connect to it. 

macFuse Drive - works with FUSE installed. We recommend using the latest version available for your version of macOS. This type of mounting is not available in the version of MacDroid distributed through the App Store. 

Network Drive - does not require the installation of additional components. 

Note: When using Network Drive type of drive mounting and performing a large number of simultaneous file operations, the list of files may take a long time to load or the disks may be disconnected. In this case, we recommend using the macOS Native Drive or macFuse Drive type.