Since a purchase order (PO) is an official binding document (a contract to purchase) that gets issued by a buyer to a seller, it is not available for selection as a payment method on our purchase pages by default.

To place a purchase order with Electronic Team, please follow these steps:

  1. Send a copy of your purchase order form with complete descriptive information of each item that you want to purchase by email to our Sales Dpt. at
  2. If your purchase requisition has been approved by our Sales Dpt., you’ll get a URL that will allow you to submit the PO online to one of our e-commerce resellers for further payment processing.

Note: We (Electronic Team) don’t process payments for our products. Payment processing and order fulfillment are done by our global e-commerce reseller Paddle which offers a full range of payment options, including all popular credit cards, bank/wire transfers, checks, purchase orders, PayPal, etc.

Warning: Our standard PO terms are NET 14. Due to multiple overdue PO payments in the past, we were forced to introduce a practice of delivering a fully-functional but 14-day limited version of the software to the PO placers. If NET 14 terms are observed, and we get the payment in due course, a new fully-functional license key is sent. Otherwise, the license is extended only on receiving the payment. Thank you for understanding.